Angel Racing are a British Supersport Championship Motorcycle Race Team.


Angel Racing History

The Beginning

The seed that was to become Angel Racing was planted in late 2002 at Imola airport, when Angel Woodward a long time BSB, WSB and Moto GP fan, met a certain Rob "Frosty" Frost while waiting 7 hours for a flight back to UK.

While chatting to Rob who was also on the same flight, Angel decided that this young and talented racer needed some support, arranging to meet in the UK later that year, the two flew back to the UK and went their separate ways.

A few weeks later much to his surprise Frosty received a phone call from Angel and a meet was arranged at the NEC Bike Show.

At this meeting Rob informed Angel that he had signed to ride for Nick Morgan's MSS Kawasaki team in the British Supersport Championship for the 2003 and 2004 seasons. Having sorted his ride the only thing Frosty really needed was a caravan, not one to do things by half Angel met up with Frosty early in 2003 and purchased 2 motorhomes one for Rob and one for her.

This was the beginning of a long and firm friendship between the two.

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